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What Psychology Says About Crush

A crush is a strong and usually short-lived infatuation with someone.

It’s typically a short-term feeling of intense or passionate love or admiration and the feeling of being crushed is the feeling of being overwhelmed with emotions.

The psychology of a crush is an interesting subject, It can be described as a feeling of intense infatuation and desire, which can be triggered by someone who has caught your eye.

People who have a crush on someone may find themselves thinking about that person all the time, daydreaming about them, and wanting to spend as much time with them as possible.

What are the Interesting Psychology Facts About Crush?

Here are the top 15 best psychological facts crush given below:

1. Having a crush on someone makes you see them as perfect! They have no flaws, no ugliness, there is nothing wrong with them, they are simply just perfect. 

2. Psychology says that on average, the maximum time frame crushes last is 4 months tops. A crush will last up to four months and end abruptly!

3. Psychology says that on average, a crush lasts for a maximum of 4 months, if you still have feelings for your crush after the four-month period, you may be in love.

Psychology Facts About Crush

4. Did you know that imagining your crush or having an imaginary conversation with them is actually sweeter than seeing or speaking to him or her in reality?

5. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is the theory that after someone learns the name of their crush, they start seeing it everywhere.

6. According to recent studies, gazing into the eyes of someone you have a crush on may give insight as to how they feel about you too. What do you think?

Psychology Facts About Crush

7. Becoming infatuated with someone can make it difficult to lie to them. This is because being around your crush causes you to feel anxious and jittery, so you’ll end up blurting out any momentary thoughts that pop into your head.

8. When you want to know if someone likes you, a good way to tell is by taking note of your heart rate. If it’s sped up, that means you like them too.

9. Psychology says that when you pretend not to miss your crush it will actually cause you to miss them more.

Psychology Facts About Crush

10. Psychology says that When a guy likes someone, he tends to maintain eye contact. In contrast, girls may avert their gaze or look elsewhere when they like somebody.

11. If someone has a crush on you, they will find it difficult to focus when you’re around. You’ll be able to tell straight away just by the way they act!

12. Girls hardly ever turn down a guy if they have a crush on them since he’s going to always want to look his best when they’re around or if they know that she is going to be there.

Psychology Facts About Crush

13. People with crushes tend to want to spend as much time with you as possible, so this means that you will see them a lot more often than usual. This could be because they want a second chance if their feelings are not reciprocated or if they want to test the waters and see your response when getting closer.

14. When someone likes you or has a crush on you, they will always smile whenever you are around.

15. Studies have shown that if someone has a crush on you, they’re likely to speak in a higher pitch tone and make their voice louder around you to get your attention!

Psychological Facts About Crush

Psychological Facts About Crush

Here are the best psychological facts crush given below:

1. When you have crush on someone, you imagine the best things you wish for them.

2. Psychology says You have a crush on someone when they Probably Have a Similar Personality to you.

3. Psychology says, if two people like the same thing, there is much more chance that they got a crush on each other.

Psychological Facts About Crush

4. A new study shows that people with different-colored eyes are more likely to fall in love or develop crushes on each other.

5. If two people lock eyes and perhaps even maintain that stare for a few seconds, the chances of getting crushed go up even more. 

6. It depends on what you’re looking for, but most people think that looks are important. But as research has shown, smell is also an important factor and we feel comfortable around familiar smells.

7. If you smile looking at someone then the chance that they got crushed on you will probably increase.

Psychological Facts About Crush

8. New research has shown that people who can make us laugh will seem to be more attractive. It doesn’t have to be a stand-up comedian; it’s just about finding the funny side in what we’re going through together.

9. You can’t help but see many things about a person when you have a crush on them.

10. Psychologically speaking, talking to your crush in reality may be difficult and stressful. Imagining the conversation could make you feel happier.

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Psychological Facts About Crush

Interesting Psychology Fact About Crush

1. Sometimes, it’s hard to fight against that feeling of missing your crush and letting them know how you feel. This will only make things worse in the future as they might not feel the same way.

2. The study of psychology indicates that most people have imagined a conversation with their crush at least once in their life

3. It’s a lot harder to lie to someone you have an interest in, I mean it’s not like you’d be lying to someone who’s just a stranger.

Psychological Facts About Crush

4. The research on “Psychological facts about crushes” done by experts clearly states that the feeling of a crush starts from a very young age, even before a teenager.

5. When you have a crush on someone, your brain overlooks any flaws the person has, causing them to appear perfect in your mind.

6. Teenage crushes might not be as relevant anymore but it was a fun phase when we were teens and it will always make us feel happy inside. Even if you don’t agree with teen crushes, they can make you feel confident even flawless in every way.

7. Psychology says your crush sees you as 20% more attractive than you think you are unless he/she hates you.

Psychological Facts About Crush

8. From his/her voice tone to some unique expressions, you also start adopting it in your way of speaking, too.

9. Researchers found that when you mention your crush’s name in conversation, it makes you feel stronger feelings for them.

10. No matter how much time has passed, we can’t forget the memories of our past crushes that we had in school and college days out of our minds.

Psychological Facts About Crush


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